Front door canopy ideas

The front door of your home is more than just a door. It creates a valuable first impression of you and your home to all visitors and passers-by. So, it makes sense that you’d want to make the most of it.

There’s a fair bit to consider when adorning your front door. The material, colour, budget, and design. The most obvious way to highlight the visual beauty of your home is to accentuate your front door with a door canopy. Canopies provide attractive framing for your door that has multiple benefits. Not only does it look stylish and attractive, but it also offers protection from the elements and a wow factor if you’re considering selling your home.

Having a canopy fitted can help shield you from sun, snow and rain when waving off guests, bringing in the shopping, or when your key is at the very bottom of your bag. It doesn’t seem like much, but a door canopy can have practical benefits as well as visual benefits.

Types of door canopy

When choosing your door canopy there a few styles to choose from. Ultimately, the style of canopy should reflect the character of your home. So perhaps if you have a vintage-based style but feel the exterior of your home is lacking that certain touch, a door canopy can help transform the exterior of your home.

The Arch

An arch design is typically elegant, reliable, and clean looking. Arch designs usually look modern and traditional and can be found on a lot of new builds. The arch feels like a classic approach if you’re not too fussed about adding much additional character to your home. Arch canopies are generally on the smaller side, but they do offer great rain protection due to its curved design.


Vintage canopies work well to add some additional character to your home. Of course, they look their best atop of a small cottage or old-fashioned home, but they can also add a little contrasting flare when used on modern homes. Vintage style canopies offer a classic and stylish feel to homes and looks good on lots of style of home.


A traditional door canopy adds a little more to your homes’ aesthetic. Canopies act as mini roofs to shield you from the elements and make carrying heavy shopping bags a lot easier. Traditional canopies can also be modified to match the slanting of your roof if you wish.

Mono Pitch

Mono pitch canopies typically come in a selection of colours and also tend to be wider. This type of canopy can be modified with tiles to match your roof/external features, making it one with your home.


Greenhurst canopies have that trademark curve arching over the door frame to protect guests from the weather. These canopies are especially easy to install and can accentuate a brightly coloured door to add some personality to your home. Greenhurst canopies offer minimalist style with maximum protection and would suit homes looking for a simple and understated design.


If you can’t seem to settle on a design and feel you’d be better at creating one yourself, bespoke door canopies can be designed and manufactured.

Things to consider


When picking your canopy, the colour should be considered carefully. You don’t want something that will clash with your door colour or your home. Alternatively, if you don’t mind something slightly quirky, this should eb considered when planning the canopy.

Blacks and greys tend to work best with any colour range, but if you are looking for something to accentuate your door, try choosing a contrasting colour that compliments.


Materials should be considered when planning your canopy. Wood is typically the most popular material, but some designs utilise glass and metal as well. There are a wide range of materials that can be used, such as a fibre glass door canopy, wooden door canopy, Upvc door canopy, etc.


It can feel daunting making décor decisions for your home, especially the exterior where everyone can see. Try not to let the style of your home sway you on what you should choose and instead keep an open mind of different designs and try to pick something that looks good to you and gives you the response you desire.


If you’re planning to add extra decoration such as hanging baskets or lights, etc to your canopy, this should be considered when deciding on a style. You’ll also benefit from making sure the canopy can support any additional weight before getting it fitted.