How your Home’s Aesthetic Helps It to Sell

First impressions are everything. And when it comes to selling your home, this is an important factor in impressing prospective buyers.

By increasing your property’s curb appeal and creating a picturesque aesthetic, whether that’s through a canopy over the front door or a white picket fence lining the exterior, you will be able to leave a lasting positive first impression that will make selling your home easy.


Enhancing your home

Creating a lasting and positive first impression is vital for any potential buyers not to switch off before viewing the rest of the property. But understanding what these buyers want will help you to sell, ensuring the best price for your home too.

Ultimately, it’s about turning your house into a home for potential buyers and creating a picturesque setting for them to feel comfortable in and engaged with the property. This is something that they will decide the moment they see your home.

A Princeton research study once found that people tend to gain impressions of people and objects within a tenth of a second. In today’s market, curb appeal makes all the difference regarding the impression your home gives before the buyers even set foot into your home.

Enhancing your home’s aesthetic by increasing your curb appeal can be the deciding factor in a potential buyer feigning interest or not.


What is curb appeal?

Essentially, curb appeal is how attractive a property looks from the outside or, from the “curb”. It encompasses all the exterior and external factors that effectively add or subtract value from your home.

In the current housing market, it’s important to have promising curb appeal in order to get the most out of your property. According to HomeLight’s survey, a home with a positive aesthetic is likely to fetch 5.5 – 12.7% more than one without when selling your property.


Canopy over front door

Installing a front door canopy is a simple idea that’s a cost-effective way to increase your curb appeal. Whether you’re looking for a modern front door canopy or a more traditional design, at Front Door Canopies, we offer an array of different options to suit everyone’s style and tastes.

A few of the most popular canopies that we offer are:

Our bespoke canopies offer the perfect protection for your property, specifically for your front door. Designed to withstand any adverse weather, a canopy will prolong the lifespan and aesthetic appeal of your door from the weather.

A canopy effectively provides shelter to the area above the front door and, in the constant fluctuating British weather, it is the perfect solution to keeping you and your property dry.

A apex canopy is an investment for your house

Work with the style you have

To improve your home’s aesthetics to reach its full potential, it is vital to work with and enhance the style that the property already has. If you attempt to alter the style of the aesthetic, it can lead to contrasting messages for potential buyers and will create a polarising look.

If your home is an older build or more traditional, then a more traditional canopy would obviously be a suitable option.

However, if your property is a new build, with modern exterior features, then a contemporary and sleeker canopy would work better.

While both traditional and contemporary canopies provide the same amount of protection, at front door canopy we provide several different front door canopy ideas for you to work with and what will suit your home best.


Traditional style canopies

A traditional canopy is more commonly found across residential buildings and takes inspiration from architectural periods such as the Georgian and Victorian eras.

The idea behind these front door canopies incorporates the architectural influences of these eras, blending with today’s common door canopies, such as the apex and mono canopies.

One of the more popular choices, an apex canopy, possesses a traditional yet elegantly pitched triangular design. This system effortlessly enhances all types of properties and is designed to withstand all adverse weather.


Contemporary door canopies

Modern front door canopies tend to have a more contemporary feel, utilising a minimalistic design and usually incorporate the use of glass, Perspex, or polycarbonate material as the canopy base. This style works by adding high levels of light whilst also providing shelter from the rain.

A mono, or lean-to canopy in this style, is created with a singular angle, pitched away from the property in a downwards sloping motion, further adding a contemporary feature to any property.

Apex Door Canopy with brown slate fittings


Improving your property’s curb appeal can help increase the chances of selling your home. With a range of different front door canopy ideas, our bespoke canopies available exclusively at front door canopy can enhance and improve your home’s aesthetic and curb appeal, therefore, increasing your home’s value when it’s time to finally sell.